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Did You KNOW Massage Promotes Better Breathing?

Did you know when your stressed your breathing becomes shallow and constricted? When you breathe during these times it's not natural and therefore you can't RELAX! There are muscles around your ribcage and stomach that are all tightened up. This in turn restricts your airflow.  😣Now you can get a massage to help you relax your respiratory system. By getting a massage you will definitely help your body RELAX! It will ease those tight ,tense muscles . This in turn will help you BREATHE deeply and better! 😁You can breathe easier through massages and leave the stress behind!  Live a good life with regular massages as part of your healthy program. What could be better ? Breathe deeply , experience less stress and enjoy your life ! πŸ˜€

So What Are Things To Do After Your Massage?

Ok the massage is over and your feeling AWESOME! The pain is gone and so is your  stress... for now anyways. We all want that relaxation feeling to last... so how can we do that? πŸ€”Let's help you maintain that wellness as long as possible after your massage. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Exercise so your muscles stay active and help relieve tension.Keep your body nourished by eating healthy foods. Eat more veggies and fruits. Smoothies and fresh juices provides your body with more nutrients. This will help you fight stress and strain in your body.  Avoid processed foods and especially sugar! πŸ˜‰Finally keep getting REGULAR MASSAGES! Every day you spend restless  hours at work , school or wherever.  In order for you to stay focused and stress free you need to have a massage!  Those effects of one massage may last for hours, days or even a week. Too bad that feeling wasn'tpermanent RIGHT?! πŸ˜„

Should A Massage Hurt You ?

Have you ever thought to yourself...  A massage needs to be real deep to be effective ? Surprisingly alot of people think this. "NO pain NO Gain!  "  No this is NOT the gym and this doesn't apply to Massage either! Funny thing is that the massages that work for you are NOT the deepest!  😊Deep Tissue is NOTfor everyone!  If your a professional athlete or gym goer this can be for you! May be that's why alot of people are scared of massages? Maybe they think the therapist is going to dig deep and it's going to hurt? πŸ€”With a good Massage Therapist they will address your muscle problems and pains.  They are just not gonna go in for the kill so you can't breathe... lol! πŸ˜†  It's normal  to have  some mild discomfort at times in your massage IF the therapists needs to dig in. Just be sure to communicatewith your massage therapist during your massageA massageshould be enjoyableCertainlythere are times to dig in to loosen up knots in the muscles.  But you

Feeling The Blues?

Do you ever have one of  those days when you feel the blues? It's when you feel off and not grounded in your life. When we get in a funk and nothing feels right ... what can we do for ourselves? πŸ€”People who are suffering from the blues need some relaxation time. Massage therapy has been proven to help with that. It's a good way to lessen your  fatigue and anxiety. It can relieve you from your tired and tense muscles.  😊So if you want to increase your level of energy and feel happy try a therapeutic massageYour body will Thankyou!  I guarantee you will feel so much better after your session. Whathave you got to lose RIGHT?! Nothing but the blues!  ❤

Swedish Or Deep Tissue ?

Ok most people REALLY don't what kind of massage they need.  A Swedish massage is with light to medium long strokes. It is combined with kneading and friction techniques. It helps increase circulation and promote relaxation in your body. 😊Now deep tissue is same as Swedish but deeper and sometimes can be intense. Also deeper is NOT always better!  Deep tissue works in your  connective tissue and through the deeper layers of your skin breaking up adhesions, knots and scar tissue.😁Not sure what you need? A Swedish massage is good IF your stressed out from work or your home life. It will help relieve those stressors.  A deep tissue of good IF your in chronic pain.  It can be in different muscle groups. .A trained skilled massage therapist can also customize a massage foryourbenefitsπŸ’†‍♂️

My Awkward Moments As A Massage Therapist!

I'm sitting, reminiscing about the time I was in Massage school.  I'm thinking about some clients I had in the massage clinic. Back then anyone from the public could come in and get a cheap massage for $25 for a whole hour. Yep true story!  😊So you got to remember I'm new to the clinic and before that we as students practiced on each other. So in comes this woman "Mona ."
Ok so I'm naive not knowing what to expect from her or any other person I touch and massage. Well imagine to my surprise as I'm massaging Mona and she's telling me ," deeper deeper... that's it ! She starts to MOAN ... I'm like what the h$#@?  😲 She gets louder and louder .. I'm  ready to walk out ..really disgusts me! Now keep in mind we are in cubicles beside another massage therapist working on their person. I hear giggles and laughter from those cubicles! OK WHAT WOULD YOU DO? πŸ€” I guess I panicked and stopped her session early.  Yeah thanks fellow therapists fo…

Raise Your Hand If You Like Getting Headaches!

HAHAHA  🀣  of course NO one wants a headache PERIOD! If you ever suffered from headaches then you know how painful they can be ! 😣 I don't know about you BUT when I get a headache I just want to lay down quietly... waiting for it to subside. Ain't nobody got time today for a "HEADACHE! "Headaches are annoying and SERIOUSLY an inconvenience!  So do you know what can help you with those headaches? Naturally? MASSAGE! 😁A soothing massage can reduce muscle pain and tension. Massage will improve your oxygen, and circulation flow. A trained Licensed Massage Therapist will usually massage your neck, shoulders and head. This will absolutely WILL promote relaxation for you! Get a massage and get that pounding in your head to stop ! πŸ’†‍♂️

Women Who Are Menopausal Need MASSAGES!

Are you one of the many women near menopausal pre or post stage? STRESS ? Are you suffering with mood swings ? Hot flashes? Headaches? Memory lapses? Sleep deprivation? Muscle tensions ? 😣Well it's evident we DON'T get a free pass on passing the menopausal stage in life! When it comes to me I want to say "Return to sender !" 🀣 From what I hear from many women it's a Pain in THE ass!  It can wreak havoc on women if they don't know how to handle  it. 😐Did you know MASSAGES can help? πŸ€”Massage  is the nurturing touch you needright now. It will help you loosen up and  RELAX ! Massage will help relieve those headaches and your built up stress.  It will help your muscle and joint pain. If your feeling blue I guarantee massages will beyour new best friend 😁

Do You S-T-R-E-T-C-H ?

Do you workout ? Do you stretch before and after? You should ALWAYS warm up your muscles before you stretch them and workout . Whether your a walker, runner or gym goer your muscles need to be stretched on a daily basis. Do YOU know why your muscles need to be stretched? πŸ€” Stretching conditions your muscles for working out . Therefore your muscles will move more efficiently. First warm up for 10 minutes by doing jumping jacks on the  spot. If your in the gym ride on a bike for 10 minutes or walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes. 😊By stretching after the warm up you increase your flexibility , and mobility. You will improve your posture and balance. Are you athletic? Or a professional athlete? Then it will improve YOUR athletic performance for sure! Do you have TENSION, STRESS and ANXIETY? Stretching will dramatically reduce it ! Stretching is NOT hard ... JUST DO IT!  πŸ‘Ok also if you feel sore or exhaustated after your workout try to incorporate  massages into your lifestyle.  Massa…

Do You Get "Muscle Knots ?"

Have you ever suffered From "muscleknots?"You know those pesky pain knots that also are referred as trigger points? They feel like a nodule or a bump ? They hurt like hell when you press on them ? ☹These muscle knots usually happen when you overuse or injure your muscles. Some of the common places you can find these muscle knots are in the shoulders,shoulder blade and neck areas. They also can be found on your lower back area as well. Not surprisingly they can be found in your butt area in your piriformis muscle too. They can also affect your IT band area as well as your calves and shins. 😣So these trigger point areas can cause you alot of pain. Many people lose lack of sleep as well and even have serious headaches. The best thing you can do is seek out a professional massage therapist that is trained in trigger points. They are knowledgeable in finding your hard nodules or bumps and releasing them out with massage techniques.  πŸ’†‍♂️So in summary are you drinking enough wat…

Did You KNOW That Massage Makes Exercise Easier?

Exercise is the Key to losing weight right?! SO we hear it's so good for us BUT why don't WE do it more often ? πŸ€” You know when You exercise your energy levels are up. It prevents muscle and bone loss. It's GREAT to help elevate your mood .. I could go on and on....πŸ˜€Do you know WHY most people DON'T engage in exercise? I'll tell you why!... because it's freaking hard!!! It requires ALOT of hard work, motivation and lots of sweat! There's NO shortcuts or magical way of losing the weight IF you don't work out and eat right! I'm preaching to myself too! 😣Did you know there's a way to make it easier ? That's right easier , more effective and enjoyable!  Guess  how? By getting regular massages!  πŸ’†‍♂️A therapeutic massage by a professional  has the power to improve your flexibility. Your Massage Therapist will loosen up your
muscles, connective tissue, ligaments, tendons and joints. This in turn makes your body more fluid and less prone to in…

Do Hard Working Musicians NEED A MASSAGE?

Musicians seldom think they need Massage Therapy. Many don't realize the stress they put on their body by singing, holding a guitar  for hours at rehearsals or on tours. Standing for hours at a time whether on stage or off takes a toll on musicians. πŸ˜‘Many musicians have suffered from overuse of playing instruments for long periods of time. Their muscles get tense and tighten up like anyone else.  It doesnt matter if your a singer or play an instrument... chances are your body needs a MASSAGE! πŸ’†‍♂️Why is it that musicians muscles get so tight ? It's because doing the repetiveness of playing the instrument over and over again with not much rest. Maybe it's singing so long that your vocal chords get tight? Whatever the case may be YOU definitely need to try out a professional massage!  See how much better you feel after one .. you will DEFINITELY perform better! πŸ˜Š

A MASSAGE ? What IS IT good for ?

Massage therapy has been shown to provide relief for a whole list of problems from anxiety to tension headaches. Of course you have to be aware that it takes a professional massage therapist to help you with improvements on these conditions.πŸ’†‍♂Do you have allergies? Anxiety and stress? Arthritis or osteoarthritis? Rheumatoid? Maybe you have asthma or bronchitis? Are you feeling with carpal tunnel syndrome?πŸ€”Do you have chronic back pain that doesn't go away ? Lower back pain ? Depression ? Fibromyalgia? Or insomnia ? Can't sleep? πŸ€”Maybe you have neck and shoulder pain ? Or you may have headaches from hell THAT won't go away! Or maybe sports injuries? πŸ€”Whatever  the case may be YOU need a massage that is effective! You need a professional massage therapist who understands the right massage techniques! 😊

Do you know what R.I.C.E is ?

I always hear from clients when they are in pain.  They always want to know what they should do first.  Do you ice it? Do you heat it ? Do you move it around ? Do you rest it ? Depending on the severity of the pain I may ask if they consulted with a doctor first.  That is the first line of action.  I'll proceed from there depending on the situation. πŸ€”Have you ever sprained your ankle? Strained your back ? Or perhaps pulled your hamstring?  Yes I'm sure at one time or another we all have. Yes it's aggravating ! Does the pain seem to get worse and not go away? Frustrating I know ! 😣Have you heard of the "R.I.C.E "method? Rest , Ice, Compression, and Elevate. The R.I.C.E method is used to bring the pain and swelling under control as quickly as possible .This is the standard protocol most doctors advise their patients. We as licensed Massage Therapists were also  taught this method. Now soon as people are in pain from an injury they immediately call for a massage! …


Over the years MANY people have asked me " When should I get A MASSAGE?" I repeatedly tell them it ALL depends.  First I like to know what is your stress level? On a scale of 1 to 10? 1 obviously  be the lesser stress and up to 10 being the higher stress. πŸ€”Do you have any pain ? Where ? How did it happen? Any injuries recently? Or surgeries? Believe it or not I had a lady come out of the hospital the next day after a surgery.  She demanded a massage for her pain. I told her I needed a doctor's note first.  She was NOT happy with me. 😠 I had to call the doctor personally to verify her story.  He told me ABSOLUTELY NOT! It's nothing personal But as Licensed Massage Therapists we have to protect ourselves. We live in a society  today where people are sue happy! 😣Also We need to know your physical activity and your physical condition to determine if Massage Therapy is right for you. After a discussion and a series of questions answered we will know. 😊Of course IF you…

Do You Know WHY Massages Work So Well?

There of been many case studies showing why massages work so well! People who have stress,or anxiety, depression or any other health issues should consider massage therapy. πŸ€”MASSAGES   are capable of boosting your immune system and greatly improving your sleep! Doctors say that both your immune function and sleep play a critical part in your mental health. πŸ’†‍♀️People who have "Generalized   ANXIETY Disorder"  (GAD ) often experience constant anxiety daily. This is caused by physical and mental exhaustion and fatigue. People who experience this definitely need to see a qualified doctor first. πŸ‘¨‍🍳What is surprising is that doctors are recognizing the benefits that regular massages are providing their patients.  More and more doctors are getting on board recommending 1 to 2 massages a week to combat this in their patients. So human touch is important to anybody who lacks it in their life!  ☺

Why do men think Massage Therapists owe them "Happy Endings?"

Well this always seems to AMAZE me how bold and how stupid some men ACTUALLY  ARE! I can't believe you think us women who are Licensed Massage Therapists owe you a " Happy Ending! " I mean seriously where do you get this from? πŸ€”We study hard to become Licensed Massage Therapists!  NO where in the school curriculum do they teach us about "HAPPY ENDINGS! "  We as therapists DON'T  owe you one after your massage session ! YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ONE from us! Please stop asking us! You are only embarrassing yourself! 😣We as female and male therapists will NOT risklosing our state license for you! You got to be kidding! It violates our ethic pledges of our  profession.  Massage  Therapist  Does NOT = ProstitutionPERIOD!  IF you are stupidenough to ask your massage session will be terminated IMMEDIATELY! This means NO MORE future massages for youfrom us! Oh and you are still payingforyourmassage session as well . YouseriouslyDON'T want us tocall the poli…

Massage IS A Gift That Gives Back!

MASSAGE IS definitely a gift that keeps giving! We live in a crazy busy scheduled world where we DONT takethe time to enjoy life ! Everyone needs to R-E-L-A-X ! Who doesn't LOVE a good Massage?! 😁Why do people wait till they are in pain or  can barely move before they will get a massage? πŸ€” I for one never understood this. A PROFESSIONAL massage can do wonders for your mind, body and spirit!  πŸ€—You DONT need a prescription for a massage lol! Not yet  anyway.. you just make a simple call. I promise you won't regret it! 😍 The Massage will boost your mind making you feel really GREAT all day long..! Sometimes even for days! ❤ If your miserable you DEFINITELY will reap the benefits of a massage!  😴😴😴Perhaps you have soreness? Or achy muscles? Why live with that ? You DON'T  have to! Make your life easier ... just get massages πŸ’†‍♀️... Your body will ThankyouImagine how good it will feel to melt your stress away ? !πŸ˜„

Should You Tip Your Massage Therapist?

To tip or not to tip ? That is the question I hear from alot of my clients over the years. Tips are never required but greatly appreciated!  By American standards 20% or so it the going rate. First ask yourself... where you happy with your Massage? Was the Massage Therapist attentive to all your needs? Do you feel better after your massage? Relaxed and no pain? πŸ€”First if IF your Massage Therapist is in a medical office or clinic most DON'T except or require tips. Just there policy. If your in a spa  setting or private office the therapists will appreciate your gratuity. Mobile Massage as well appreciateyour tips! ❤First think like this ... IF you were in a restaurant the waiter waits on your table 10% of the time.  They are NOT there 100% of the time as A Massage Therapist is. It's really up to you. πŸ˜‰ IF your happy with your Massage Therapist tip them accordingly.  If they went beyond what you expected and gave you an exceptional massage...Then show your appreciation  back ?…