Why do men think Massage Therapists owe them "Happy Endings?"

Well this always seems to AMAZE me how bold and how stupid some men ACTUALLY  ARE! I can't believe you think us women who are Licensed Massage Therapists owe you a " Happy Ending! " I mean seriously where do you get this from? 🤔

We study hard to become Licensed Massage Therapists!  NO where in the school curriculum do they teach us about "HAPPY ENDINGS! "  We as therapists DON'T  owe you one after your massage session ! YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ONE from us! Please stop asking us! You are only embarrassing yourself! 😣

We as female and male therapists will NOT risk losing our state license for you! You got to be kidding! It violates our ethic pledges of our  profession.  Massage  Therapist  Does NOT = ProstitutionPERIOD!  IF you are stupid enough to ask your massage session will be terminated IMMEDIATELY! This means NO MORE future massages for you from us! Oh and you are still paying for your massage session as well . You seriously DON'T want us to call the police !  YES seriously we will! 😒

So In summary A licensed Massage Therapist provides therapeutic massages ONLY!  IF you are looking  for more LOOK elsewhere! 😲  Get a girlfriend or wife😊


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