So What Are Things To Do After Your Massage?

Ok the massage is over and your feeling AWESOME! The pain is gone and so is your  stress... for now anyways. We all want that relaxation feeling to last... so how can we do that? 🤔

Let's help you maintain that wellness as long as possible after your massage. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Exercise so your muscles stay active and help relieve tension.

Keep your body nourished by eating healthy foods. Eat more veggies and fruits. Smoothies and fresh juices provides your body with more nutrients. This will help you fight stress and strain in your body.  Avoid processed foods and especially sugar! 😉

Finally keep getting REGULAR MASSAGES! Every day you spend restless  hours at work , school or wherever.  In order for you to stay focused and stress free you need to have a massage!  Those effects of one massage may last for hours, days or even a week. Too bad that feeling wasn't permanent RIGHT?! 😄


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