Should A Massage Hurt You ?

Have you ever thought to yourself...  A massage needs to be real deep to be effective ? Surprisingly alot of people think this. "NO pain NO Gain!  "  No this is NOT the gym and this doesn't apply to Massage either! Funny thing is that the massages that work for you are NOT the deepest!  😊

Deep Tissue is NOT for everyone!  If your a professional athlete or gym goer this can be for you! May be that's why alot of people are scared of massages? Maybe they think the therapist is going to dig deep and it's going to hurt? 🤔

With a good Massage Therapist they will address your muscle problems and pains.  They are just not gonna go in for the kill so you can't breathe... lol! 😆  It's normal  to have  some mild discomfort at times in your massage IF the therapists needs to dig in. Just be sure to communicate with your massage therapist during your massage

A massage should be enjoyableCertainly there are times to dig in to loosen up knots in the muscles.  But you shouldn't be bruised or in pain for days later either!  😣 Sometimes ALL YOU need is a soothing relaxing MASSAGE😉


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