Do You Know WHY Massages Work So Well?

There of been many case studies showing why massages work so well! People who have stress,or anxiety, depression or any other health issues should consider massage therapy. 🤔

MASSAGES   are capable of boosting your immune system and greatly improving your sleep! Doctors say that both your immune function and sleep play a critical part in your mental health. 💆‍♀️

People who have "Generalized   ANXIETY Disorder"  (GAD ) often experience constant anxiety daily. This is caused by physical and mental exhaustion and fatigue. People who experience this definitely need to see a qualified doctor first. 👨‍🍳

What is surprising is that doctors are recognizing the benefits that regular massages are providing their patients.  More and more doctors are getting on board recommending 1 to 2 massages a week to combat this in their patients. So human touch is important to anybody who lacks it in their life!  ☺


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