Women Who Are Menopausal Need MASSAGES!

Are you one of the many women near menopausal pre or post stage? STRESS ? Are you suffering with mood swings ? Hot flashes? Headaches? Memory lapses? Sleep deprivation? Muscle tensions ? 😣

Well it's evident we DON'T get a free pass on passing the menopausal stage in life! When it comes to me I want to say "Return to sender !" 🤣 From what I hear from many women it's a Pain in THE ass!  It can wreak havoc on women if they don't know how to handle  it. 😐

Did you know MASSAGES can help? 🤔

Massage  is the nurturing touch you need right now. It will help you loosen up and  RELAX ! Massage will help relieve those headaches and your built up stress.  It will help your muscle and joint pain. If your feeling blue I guarantee massages will be your new best friend 😁


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