My Awkward Moments As A Massage Therapist!

I'm sitting, reminiscing about the time I was in Massage school.  I'm thinking about some clients I had in the massage clinic. Back then anyone from the public could come in and get a cheap massage for $25 for a whole hour. Yep true story!  😊

So you got to remember I'm new to the clinic and before that we as students practiced on each other. So in comes this woman "Mona ."
Ok so I'm naive not knowing what to expect from her or any other person I touch and massage. Well imagine to my surprise as I'm massaging Mona and she's telling me ," deeper deeper... that's it ! She starts to MOAN ... I'm like what the h$#@?  😲 She gets louder and louder .. I'm  ready to walk out ..really disgusts me! Now keep in mind we are in cubicles beside another massage therapist working on their person. I hear giggles and laughter from those cubicles! OK WHAT WOULD YOU DO? 🤔 I guess I panicked and stopped her session early.  Yeah thanks fellow therapists for the warning!  😣 So that's Moaning Mona 😲 I'll never forget that woman! After my clinicals were done she wanted to know where I was going to be working.. I promptly said I'm moving out of state! Enough of her SERIOUSLY! 

Ok now in comes Ed an older gentleman.  Nice kind man. I'm working on his back and all of a sudden he let's a big nasty fart rip! It was like he blasted some darn loud foghorn!  Oh my ! 😲  Thing was these farts didn't have a turn off switch! Poor Ed was fast asleep snoring so I left the room for a few minutes to let the air clear 😣 ... I didn't know whether to laugh at it like a kid or what... again I hear my Fellow therapists bust out laughing😆 not funnySo I went back in the room  minutes later to finish his massage.  Seems Ed never knew I was gone ..


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