Do You S-T-R-E-T-C-H ?

Do you workout ? Do you stretch before and after? You should ALWAYS warm up your muscles before you stretch them and workout . Whether your a walker, runner or gym goer your muscles need to be stretched on a daily basis.

Do YOU know why your muscles need to be stretched? 🤔 Stretching conditions your muscles for working out . Therefore your muscles will move more efficiently. First warm up for 10 minutes by doing jumping jacks on the  spot. If your in the gym ride on a bike for 10 minutes or walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes. 😊

By stretching after the warm up you increase your flexibility , and mobility. You will improve your posture and balance. Are you athletic? Or a professional athlete? Then it will improve YOUR athletic performance for sure! Do you have TENSION, STRESS and ANXIETY? Stretching will dramatically reduce it ! Stretching is NOT hard ... JUST DO IT!  👏

Ok also if you feel sore or exhaustated after your workout try to incorporate  massages into your lifestyle.  Massages can help boost your workouts to get the results you want! It's a win win situation😁


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