Do you know what R.I.C.E is ?

I always hear from clients when they are in pain.  They always want to know what they should do first.  Do you ice it? Do you heat it ? Do you move it around ? Do you rest it ? Depending on the severity of the pain I may ask if they consulted with a doctor first.  That is the first line of action.  I'll proceed from there depending on the situation. 🤔

Have you ever sprained your ankle? Strained your back ? Or perhaps pulled your hamstring?  Yes I'm sure at one time or another we all have. Yes it's aggravating ! Does the pain seem to get worse and not go away? Frustrating I know ! 😣

Have you heard of the "R.I.C.E "method? Rest , Ice, Compression, and Elevate. The R.I.C.E method is used to bring the pain and swelling under control as quickly as possible .This is the standard protocol most doctors advise their patients. We as licensed Massage Therapists were also  taught this method.

Now soon as people are in pain from an injury they immediately call for a massage!  Seems to be logical right ?!  Well depending on your personal circumstances pertaining to your injury, a massage may or may not be the right answer.  Sometimes depending on your situation it can take 24 to 48 hours before a massage is allowed.  Talk with a professional medical doctor first  depending on your situation again. 😊


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