Do You Get "Muscle Knots ?"

Have you ever suffered From "muscle knots?" You know those pesky pain knots that also are referred as trigger points? They feel like a nodule or a bump ? They hurt like hell when you press on them ? ☹

These muscle knots usually happen when you overuse or injure your muscles. Some of the common places you can find these muscle knots are in the shoulders,shoulder blade and neck areas. They also can be found on your lower back area as well. Not surprisingly they can be found in your butt area in your piriformis muscle too. They can also affect your IT band area as well as your calves and shins. 😣

So these trigger point areas can cause you alot of pain. Many people lose lack of sleep as well and even have serious headaches. The best thing you can do is seek out a professional massage therapist that is trained in trigger points. They are knowledgeable in finding your hard nodules or bumps and releasing them out with massage techniques.  💆‍♂️

So in summary are you drinking enough water ? Lack of water contributes to muscle knots. Move around more! EXERCISE! Your body wasn't designed to sit hours at a computer  each day.  No wonder people get so many muscle knots! 😥


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