Do Hard Working Musicians NEED A MASSAGE?

 Musicians seldom think they need Massage Therapy. Many don't realize the stress they put on their body by singing, holding a guitar  for hours at rehearsals or on tours. Standing for hours at a time whether on stage or off takes a toll on musicians. 😑

Many musicians have suffered from overuse of playing instruments for long periods of time. Their muscles get tense and tighten up like anyone else.  It doesnt matter if your a singer or play an instrument... chances are your body needs a MASSAGE! 💆‍♂️

Why is it that musicians muscles get so tight ? It's because doing the repetiveness of playing the instrument over and over again with not much rest. Maybe it's singing so long that your vocal chords get tight? Whatever the case may be YOU definitely need to try out a professional massage!  See how much better you feel after one .. you will DEFINITELY perform better! 😊


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