Should You Tip Your Massage Therapist?

To tip or not to tip ? That is the question I hear from alot of my clients over the years. Tips are never required but greatly appreciated!  By American standards 20% or so it the going rate. First ask yourself... where you happy with your Massage? Was the Massage Therapist attentive to all your needs? Do you feel better after your massage? Relaxed and no pain? 🤔

First if IF your Massage Therapist is in a medical office or clinic most DON'T except or require tips. Just there policy. If your in a spa  setting or private office the therapists will appreciate your gratuity. Mobile Massage as well appreciate your tips! ❤

First think like this ... IF you were in a restaurant the waiter waits on your table 10% of the time.  They are NOT there 100% of the time as A Massage Therapist is. It's really up to you. 😉 IF your happy with your Massage Therapist tip them accordingly.  If they went beyond what you expected and gave you an exceptional massage...Then show your appreciation  back 😊

Really it's totally up to you BUT I promise if you tip your Massage Therapist nicely they will ALWAYS S remember YOU!  Whenever they cross your path again for your massage they will take care of you! Isn't it worth knowing a good therapist and appreciating them ? ☺

Of course IF the Massage wasn't good DON'T tip. It's sad BUT their are massage therapists out there who are burned out and are not feeling like working.  They only do it because it's a job to them to pay their bills. Those are the ones who make it bad for us good Massage therapists that are the " REAL " deal!


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