So What Does Your Car And Massage Have in Common?

I know it sounds crazy right?! You probably think what the heck is she talking about? 🤣

Well let me break it down for you... how many shop for a used car? What do you think it's important to look for? Is this car had regular maintenance? Regular oil changes? Well seriously is it reliable ? So when you buy it I bet you do all those things to it right? 🤓 Ok so now when it comes to your own body why don't you take care of it ? 🤔 There's NO better way to maintain your body then getting regular massages! This is absolutely ONE of the best ways to accomplish this.

Massage is constantly being used for treating a variety  of medical conditions. There are so many studies out there that proves that Massage Therapy can benefit you greatly!  Massage  prevents illness.  It also prevents muscle pain and injury. If you workout you definitely need regular massages! It just amazes me that people DON'T seek out Massage therapy until they are in pain. I meet clients ALL the time that wait until they are in pain before they call. Most of them get back pain, neck and shoulder pain.  It could be from sitting at a desk too long or working out hard.  There is many different scenarios that happen. 

People could absolutely avoid all this unnecessary pain by maintaining good health thru regular massage sessions. Massage is like the oil in your car. If you don't do regular oil changes your car can break down or blow the engine. Massage helps your body work at the max by detoxing your immune system. It reduces your stress hormones. Your immune system works better by fighting off flu and cold viruses. Massage circulates blood through your body bringing all the needed oxygen and nutrients to your muscles and organs. Your lymphatic system also helps by draining all the body toxin junk out of your system.

Regular  massages should  be a part of your healthy regime of staying healthy and well! You change the oil in your car regularly so get massages regularly for your body to perform at its best! 😊


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