Ladies Who Wear High Heel Shoes.

I know I know ladies LOVE their high heels 👠 whether it be your stiletto or 1 inch heels. Women just like to look sexy and feel powerful and in charge with heels. I truly understand the reason for wearing them. But on the other hand as a Massage Therapist I know what it can do to your body. Are you even aware of what happens to your body physically by wearing heels ? 🤔

So your feet are designed to physically support your whole body. When you wear that heel ladies you are you  are shortening your Achilles tendon. This is the largest tendon in your body . See now it's prone to injury since now it's limited to blood supply. Also the pressure you exert on it while you wear you high heel shoes. When your foot is in your high heels of is pointing downward. This is in a state of constant plantar flexion. This causes the muscles in your calves to become shortened and very stiff. Those sexy high helps you wear push your center of gravity in your body in a forward position. This now causes your spine and hips to go out of alignment. 😣

So if you are not going to give up your heels I can promise you that you will have pain. It can be ankles, legs and lower back.  It can actually affect a lot of areas. So what can you do to fix this ? Limit the time you wear them ! Use flats to walk to work and go home. If your feet are hurting at work then massage them and wear flats! Ask yourself... 😉
Is it worth to put the stress on your muscles and joints trying to balance in those heels?🤔 

Also probably the number #1 thing I can suggest to you is to STRETCH! Stretch those calf muscles out before and after wearing heels. I'll give you an easy stretch you should use everyday to help your Achilles tendon and calves. It's called a wall stretch.

1. Face the wall with your left foot forward and your right foot stepped back about a foot. Keep both feet flat on the ground.

2. Brace yourself with your palms against the wall.

3. Bend your left knee and straighten your right one.

4. Lean yourself into the wall toward and bend your left knee until you feel a stretch in your right Achilles . Hold for 30 seconds.

5. Now repeat on the other side.  Do a few sets on each side till you feel the release.  The tightness should be gone .

Of course ALWAYS get a massage to loosen up all those tight muscles💆‍♂️💆‍♀️


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