Is RELAXING Hard For You?

In today's world Relaxing doesn't come easy to most of us RIGHT?! I DON'T know if it comes easily to any of us! Period! I personally feel that " RELAXING " can be a greater challenge to most of us people. Like especially to those  that practice tensing and don't know how to let go of TENSION😣

Sometimes when I'm working on a client I will ask them to relax a certain body part. It could be their neck or shoulder area where people carry alot of tension. Surprisingly  most clients will say " That's why I'm here ! Isn't that your job?"  Yes to a degree it is ! I mean I'm here to help facilitate  the release of the muscle. To help it learn how to relax. But the client has to understand that we have to work together for the relaxation to be successful. ☺

Now as Massage Therapists we don't expect a client to simply relax . Of course it takes TIME!  Muscle has memory and when it stressed out it tightens and causes the Tension!  And Yes boy will you feel it ! So you know muscles are now affected because of your tension  Right? So what to do about it ? Simple GET A MASSAGE!  😊

Muscles will have a direct effect after a professional massage!  That is IF you find the right one who knows what they are doing!  I can't tell you how many times over the years people have complained to me! They tell me about all the crappy massages they have gotten I'm the past! Now after bad experiences for these clients they are leary of another massageYES I totally get it! I have had my share of disappointed massages myself ! Just know that all licensed massage therapists aren't created equal!  I do apologize for the ones who do the cookie cutter method.  Yes it's exhausting for me to know. 😐

Ok let's get rid of your tension!  Come lay on my massage table!  I bet you don't regret it! Say GOODBYE to your tension haha! 😁


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