Have You Had A Scalp Massage?

Oh My GOODNESS!  Have you ever had a scalp massage? That's the best feeling EVER!  I just love them! They decrease your stress! You are in a better mood after! To top that off it also stimulates hair growth!  😁

There are numerous benefits of getting a scalp massage. Besides boosting your blood flow in your head it can also get rid of headaches and tension. Who doesn't have that nowadays Right?! So when you get a good head scalp massage it is designed to relax your busy mind. It also encourages
 circulation.  Yep its that GOOD! 😊 Of course you can always massages your own scalp but it's not the same as a professional.  There's just something magical that happens when a massage therapist does it ! It like all your worries just fade away ahhhhh! 😉

So when a massage therapist does it you will notice that your mood is increased to HAPPINESS  ! This is because a chemical called "Serotoninton " is released  in your body . It's one of your good feel hormones.  Unlike "cortisol " that other hormone which depresses you and puts weight on 😠 It's always good to get regular massages so you can defeat your cortisol chemical imbalance.  So don't you agree this could help you in your life? Try a scalp massage today and I guarantee  you will thank me ! 😉


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