Does Your Massage Therapist Want Feedback During Your Massage?

Give as much feedback to your MASSAGE Therapist or give nothing at all. Some people will just be micromanagers and will  tell the Massage person about every itch and twitch!  Some are stoic sufferers who won't speak up even if the Massage is too deep.  They will just lay there and take it! Of course IF the licensed massage therapist asks you questions.. ANSWER! As Massage Therapists we want you to be comfortable with us during your massage.  We don't want you to FEEL uncomfortable.  It is in your best interest to do what suits YOU! Otherwise if being quiet suits you well then be perfectly content to ENJOY your Massage! 😪😪😪

The bottom line here is it's your dollars you are spending. YOU should be getting out of the Massage what you need. A good practitioner of massage will welcome feedback.  It helps THEM to help you get the best massage possible. Of course there is the exception  to the rule . There is some AMAZING massage therapists  who ARE  just really gifted! If you come across one of them keep them... as they are rare finds! 😄

IF you FEEL you aren't  getting the Massage you want, then feedback is important. More or less pressure in particular is worth conveying to your therapist. Also IF you want a particular area worked on say so! Say "Hey My lower back is hurting can you please work on that first?"  Then when it's loosened up then my neck AND shoulders if there's time?"  Easy simple just ASK !  😉

If your a complainer COMPLAIN! We will do everything we possibly know to fix it. I seriously for one have been amazed of ALL the positive feedback I get from people who "Bitched" the whole time!  The #Bitching is just part of their therapeutic process. The Massage wouldn't of been as good to then if they never bitched! I just let it go as they always return LOL! 🤣💞

Some people like small talk while others prefer deep emotional talks. Then some are quiet as a mouse. Most people vary within and between their massage sessions. A seriously good Massage Therapist WILL actually follow your lead. So really it's up to YOU how you feel about feedback😁


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