Do You Know How Good Ginger Is For You?

Have you used ginger ? Ginger is one of the oldest and popular healing remedies.  it is great for fighting inflammation in our bodies.  Today most EVERYONE has inflammation in our body.  It's very painful and burns. Ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory compound called "Gingerols." It's a highly effective pain  killer . People who have joint , muscle and nerve PAIN can benefit by incorporating ginger into their diet daily. Ginger is also a great effective immune booster. Did you also know that Ginger has been proven to bring you relief from alot of illnesses in your body? 🤔

I love Ginger!  I make ginger tea and ginger shots when I feel like something is trying to attack my body.  I also add a piece of ginger to my daily smoothies. It gives it a zing and wakes you up for sure LOL! 😆

A ginger shot can be made by  juicing an inch of ginger or so. I juice a half of lemon with it. Then sprinkle with alil of cayenne pepper. Not too much or you will be in fire lol! 😆 Think of it like a triple threat shot! This shot will help cleanse, detoxify and boost your metabolism in your body. This shot is definitely for the weak at heart!  It's POWERFUL!  Ginger and lemon help with digestion and reduce nausea.  The cayenne  pepper has a compound it it known as "Capsaicin."  This will help reduce your inflammation and pain you experience. It also supports your metabolism. So see you  are totally getting serious medicinal benefits in your body! 😁

Now for ginger tea it's simple!  Boil water in a pan with ginger PIECES out up.  I do it for 25 to 20 minutes.  Then drain it taking the ginger out and discard the ginger. I drink it hot , warm or Cold. It's a zinger! ENJOY! 😊


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