Do You Have " Vocal Tension?"

Are you a singer, professional voice coach or professional singer? Have you heard of " Vocal Tension?" If your a singer you practically will pick up tension ... It's impossible not to ! You create wonderful sounds and tones from your voice . In order to do so you must activate your larynx, jaw, tongue and your lips. For sure there's much involved  singing out a song using your body. If you have a high intensity and a professional level singing then chances are you will have " Vocal  Tension. "  So by getting regular massages it would benefit you greatly! 😁

Do you know how  to tell if you have the " "Vocal Tension?" I'll tell you how so you will be able to recognize it when you get it. Do you have headaches? Jaw pain? Aching neck? Do You feel fatigued after singing for a while? See you singers have lived with this tension so long you think ITS normal!  I can assure you it's not! Maybe your voice is airy? Or a breathy singing voice ? Really? Do you recognize that? Ok humor me. I want you to go to a mirror and sing a verse or chorus of something.  Do it twice.  Do you notice tension in the mirror on your face or neck at All? Now remember how that felt and looked.

Ok you have a muscle called your SCM. It means "Sternocleidomastoid ." It's on both sides of your neck area from your ear to the bottom of your neck. This area gets tight and tense the more you sing. Feel it with yiur fingers.  Is it tight?Your larynx gets sore and tight to. So what can you do about It? Get a MASSAGE from a professionalThey know how-to relax and release these tight muscles.  After the massage you will  notice a dramatic difference in your singing voice! Now look at your mirror again after the massage.  Sing a few lines and What do you see and hear? Your "Vocal Tension " should be gone! Your voice sounds  better because there's NO tension!  DON'T believe me ? Find out for yourselfGetting massages depends on when your vocals are tight and your not feeling it. You will discover when you need them.  I guarantee it will make a huge difference in your vocals😁


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