Did You KNOW Regular Massages Can Help Prevent Colds And The Flu?

OK Nashville we are in a COLD spell again!  The colds and flu viruses are everywhere!  I heard there is 20 different flu strains this year! 🤤 Shocking I know! Who really likes to get a COLD or flu virus? No one ! You know when you feel that tickle or soreness in your throat? Or you start getting congested? Yep it's too late you caught something you didn't ask for! You will start experiencing the cold or flu in one to four days after you have been exposed to it. I hate that!  Then most people will rely on over the counter flu and cold remedies. Then you have some who will be out and about spreading the germs to other people... SERIOUSLY people IF you are sick STAY HOME!!! 😣

Ok did you know that you can take precautions to prevent yourself from getting sick??? If you do certain things taking necessary  steps you will save yourself alot of Kleenex and headaches.

Step 1 ... sleep more! If you get seven to eight hours of sleep a night you will be less likely to catch anything!  If you sleep less your more prone to pick up colds and viruses.

Step 2 .... Get More Frequent Massages!
Many studies prove that regular massages are the key to more healthier and productive you! When your body is more relaxed through massages it has a significantly improved immune system. It has the ability to fight off bacteria and infection. So this means when your body  is relaxed , the "NK Cells " numbers .... the body's killer cells are DEFINITELY increased. In return you are less likely to catch a cold or viruses period! 

We all know the feeling of the sinus pressure  from a cold or virus. The sore throats yuck!  😝 The coughing? The headaches? The hot cold feelings? Who the heck wants it or needs it right?! So escape all this crap by getting regular massages into your lifestyle! Skip all this unnecessarily  misery altogether! Regular massages WILL help you regulate your blood pressure and  increase the flow of oxygen in your body. This in turn build up your immune system. Your body will be more nourished and run more efficiently by removing harmful waste from your body....

So the question is ? WHAT  ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Get that massage today!😄


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