Are You Sick With A Flu Virus Or A Cold ?

This is a Public announcement! HELLO 😀

IF  you are sick with a flu virus or cold please be responsible enough to tell your Massage Therapist. There's been tons of people sick in the Nashville area with a flu virus or colds. Apparently there's 20 different flu viruses going around ! 😲 People who are sick PLEASE STAY HOME!   Stop spreading the flu virus around when you are contagious! Let me break it down for you! Seems some people DON'T know how to tell! I certainly DON'T want to catch it from you! Ok so read to see if this is YOU ! Here are your clues! Listen up! Please for the LOVE OF GOD DON'T call for a massage!  It WON'T help you But spread the virus faster in your body and infect your Massage PROFESSIONAL.

Do you have a FEVER? Fevers are created to help you fight infections in your body. DEFINITELY NOT OK FOR A MASSAGE! 😩

FYI the flu comes on suddenly and can last 7 plus days.. it varies from person to person. If you have body aches, sneezing, body hot and cold temp flareups, YOU ARE STILL CONTAGIOUS!  😲 Yep just like if you got a cold... the first few days you are still CONTAGIOUS!  Please DON'T spread it by actually thinking a massage will help you!   Please be a sweetie and be honest with your Massage person . We can't afford  to get sick and take time off from work! We DON'T  get paid to lay in bed home sick! I'm being 💯 telling the truth!  So IF this is YOU kindly stay home and get better first! You can of course call and schedule a massage once your better! 😊

So let's recap ... IF you have a FEVER or COLD please DON'T  call for a MASSAGE appointment!  You be surprised how many people will! I DIGRESS😣 We as licensed massage therapists know the signs.  We can tell if your sick or not. Please be courteous and DON'T  waste our time when your sick THANKYOU😁


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