Are You A Nurse Under Stress?

Let's face it ! Nursing is absolutely ONE of the toughest and MOST stressful jobs out there! As a professional nurse your stress levels are probably off the charts!  Your job is so demanding of you ! Stress definitely takes a toll on your body as you deal with your job everyday.  It's not easy working with patients. It doesn't matter whether you work in a office or hospital  it wears you out. People don't understand what you go through unless they are a nurse. Your job is very demanding for the patient care you provide day to day.  👩‍🍳

According to WebMD, stress can cause heart disease, stroke, abnormal heart rhythms, and high blood pressure. Any nurse understands this. Stress in the nursing field is surprisingly  dangerous.  What can a nurse do to combat his or her stress levels? Have you considered Massage Therapy? 🤔 Nurses you deserve regular MASSAGES ! You work so hard and your body gets run down! You get sleep deprived and cranky! Who takes care of you??? You are so busy doing your job day to day that you put yourself on a back burner and get burned out! Sound familiar? You get to the point where you suffer mentally and physically.  Your exhaustated! This can create family problems as well. 😣

Nurses do you know that therapeutic massages can help you ?  It can DEFINITELY help you reduce your high blood pressure . It will help release your muscles aches and pains.  It will reduce your stress significantly and calm your mind. Massage WILL make you feel better and improve your overall health! Add massage into your busy lifestyle and it will help you run more efficiently.  😉


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