Are You Jetlagged?

Do you travel alot on the airplane ? Are you on flights travelling all over the USA or do you travel internationally? Often travelling alot stresses our our bodies.  IT doesnt know what hits them. Jet lag disrupts your body by being fatigued .  It also can cause digestive upsets in your stomach. Memory lapses and insomnia are frequent as well. You can get irritable and lethargic.  This is often called the " time zone change. "  You feel like your in some kind of time warp and your body doesn't recover fast ENOUGH. It's true you shocked your system.  😩

Have you ever thought about booking a massage to get you out of this funked state your in ? 🤔 If jet lag has you suffering them a massage will definitely get you back to feeling good AGAIN! A professional massage therapist who is good will give you a good tune up!  They will work your shoulder, neck and back areas with more attention to detail. The legs and calf areas also need special attention.  How about that butt too ? You been sitting on it for hours and it's right and sore for sure!  😁

A massage DEFINITELY works for converting the physical  affects of jetlag. It will work wonders for your mind mentally and get you out of that brain fog. Also I would add that you should drink plenty of water as you get very dehydrated flying🤗


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