"Let Your Hands Do Your Heart's Work"

I have been asked many questions over the years of being a Professional Licensed Massage Therapist.  I have one I been asked more than enough times... 😄

Do you have a connection with the person who's body you are massaging? I would definitely say a resounding  "YES!" 😁

How can this be you ask? It's more like a soulful connection for me. I personally have compassion for everybody I touch to massage.  It's always done in a Professional manner. It's ALWAYS my truest intent is to help a person relax and feel at peace . More and more people are turning to massage for relaxation and healing. I have to create a space for them to feel comfortable. Massage is more than a job to me! I'm a Massage-aholic! My passion is to truly engage with people who need the touch.  Touch releases all the stress and negativity in a person's body! This is my mission  to succeed and help people one body at a time! 💆‍♂️💆‍♀️

   I am grateful for all the positive experiences bodywork has created for me and for my hands that make it all possibleI'm gifted with a Precious gift from Jesus to massage people!

We were all created to work with our hands.  What will you do? What inspires YOU ? What gifts   lay dormant inside of YOU? 🤔

Let your hands DO your heart's desires! I did and I have zero complaints!  I was made for this! What were you made for? We all have that golden nugget inside of us. Search with all your heart and you will find it! ❤


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