Why Do You Need To Drink Water After A Massage?

I always find it necessary to ask my clients how much water they drink. Most will say enough or alil.. does wine ? Alcohol and Beer count ?  Coffee ? NO! People will complain how much pain they are in. How their muscles are tight and ache. You know why my friends? It's because of the lack of water you drink! A person should drink about half their body weight in ounces daily.  So this means if you weigh 200 lbs then drink 100 ounces of water everyday. For sure if you are very active or it's a hot day drink more to keep hydrated.

When a client lays on my massage table I can tell how dehydrated they are. I do a skin rolling thing with my fingers. If the muscle tissue is dehydrated it won't roll smoothly. Now imagine your muscle fibers thick as spaghetti. Your blood is thickened because of the lack of water you don't drink!  NOW your body toxins become trapped in your muscles.  Now you feel the pain and aches? EXACTLY!  You probably have headaches?

When you hydrate your body daily you help your kidneys and other organs function the way they were intended. Drinking water before a massage  helps the massage therapist dig deeper into the muscle to release pain and tight muscles. It means your body was hydrated and therefore easier for your massage to do. I know I know water doesn't taste as great so do what I do. I squeeze a lemon into it.  It flavours it and aids in your digestion . It also prevents kidney stones.  So in closing drink your water people!  😁


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