What Should You Do During Your Massage ?

This is your personal time to just RELAX! Time to close your eyes and immerse yourself into a state of quiet time.  Listen to the soothing music being played in the background.  Inhale all the aromatherapy  smells around you. The lights are dimmed and the massage strokes are taking you into a comfort state... let everything GO! Leave the stress behind and E N J O Y ! 😊

I never understand some people who  FEEL like they have to talk ALL the way through the massage 😲... you are paying good money to RELAX.  But hey it's YOUR time do what you like. I talk before your massage session to ask you questions.  This better prepares me to give you the best massage possible. It's not required for you to talk unless your in pain.  Or may be you want the pressure adjusted. Or maybe you have to pee ?😣  Please let your therapist know immediately... ! I have given up counting how many times clients hold it. I don't get it ? If you got to pee then please tell us. We don't mind . It will make for a much pleasurable massage for you if you do. 

Communication is important in a massage.  Don't get me wrong!  I'm not  complaining.  Massage  therapists  need to know things before hand.  During should be quiet time for you to shut your body down.  This is your me time and make  the most of it. I feel that when your quiet you relax much better. Your body receives the massage  better. It then puts you in a better mood. It takes you to another level of an euphoric effect. Nothing gets better than that! NOTHING!  😊 Of course it's YOUR time so experience your massage!  AHHHHH! ❤


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