Take Time Out ... For You!

So the weekend is here...you had probably a long week at work. Aren't you tired from ALL the hard work you put in the past week? Running from office to offices, doing meetings, participating in other work related stuff.  Stressful RIGHT!?! 😕

So you come home and reach for a glass of wine or two? 🍷 Wouldn't it be nice to have a relaxing massage about now ? Imagine laying on the table under a nice warm blanket , hearing soft relaxation music in the background letting you destress and mellow you out. The scents of essential oils fill the air as the lotion is applied to your back from your Massage Therapist. Imagine how good it would feel getting your back and shoulders massaged. The pain and stress starts to leave as the Massage commences and you let out a long sigh! 😥

When was the last time you had a massage? 🤔

Has it been that long? Do you allow exhaustion to set in before you get one? Or do you make a plan to get regular massages to avoid stress and TENSION in your body? Massage DEFINITELY needs to be incorporated into your life! When you see a regular massage therapist you reap the benefits of massage. The Massage Therapist will manipulate your muscle tension with their hands. They will break apart the muscle tissues that are tight.  Awww RELIEF😁

Your body has a natural pain killer called " endorphins " which are released during a massage session. Massage release the endorphins and the pain disappears magically!

My suggestion is for you to take timeout for you! Image in your mind how good a Massage would feel weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  Do your body a favour give it a massage!  I guarantee you will be delighted to say the least ! 😁


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