Is It Ok For Your Massage Therapist To Text during Your Massage Session?

Absolutely NOT! I have worked with Many Massage Therapists in my Massage Career.It amazes me at the stupid things they will DO during a #Professional Massage session. I've seen many "Bad Massage " habits in my time! The worst one I believe is "Texting " on their cellphone while massaging a client.

Bad habits are developed overtime if you the client doesn't speak up! DON'T  let your Massage Therapist get away with it! You are paying good money to get a quality massage.  💰 You as the client must make this clear to the Therapist.  Tell them you don't approve of them texting while your getting your massage!  I seriously am appalled that The Massage Professional at times gets away with this. This is NOT ok! This is NOT standard practice! 😣

There are many things wrong with texting . The Massage Therapist should solely give you the client 100% attention!  It's completely unprofessional, disrespectful and selfish towards you the client!  🤤

I know we live in an era where people are seriously addicted to their phones period!  So IF your Massage Therapist is addicted to their phone you must tell them how you feel. It interrupts your massage session. I know it starts of innocently at first.  They just sneak peak on their phone to check a message... then before you know it their on Facebook posting! 😩 This is just plain bad service! Massage therapists need to be focused on you the client for the entire massage experience. 

Texting while they are massaging you the client is never ok! Please speak up and say so at your first massage. Let Your voice be heard. Speak clearly to you therapist so there's NO communication  problem.  I for one am sorry IF you experience this. If it doesn't stop I suggest you look elsewhere for another Massage therapist. 🤔


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