How Do You Ask For Butt Massage?

More and  more  people are catching onto the Massage trend... and it's a no wonder why!  Massage is the BEST thing God ever created period! Have you ever has your butt massaged? You know the glutes? 😁

I know alot is spas and MASSAGE places won't touch the glute areas except a bit over the sheet! They are afraid the client is looking for something inappropriate so they stay away from that area of the butt. It's sad really because if you have pain in the butt or low back pain a glute massage needs to be incorporated to loosen up the tight MUSCLE areas! 🤔

I personally ask every client if they ever had their glutes massaged. I ask beforehand of beginning their session . Depending on each circumstance I'll explain to every individual client why they need it . THINK about how long you sit all day at that office job... the muscles are tight and screaming at you  " I'M IN PAIN !" 😥

A real seasoned Licensed Massage Therapist will have common sense and knowledge to know whether it's helpful to you or not to get your glutes massaged!  I'm telling you that massaging the glute areas is a MUST! It feels so darn good!!! 😁

Did you know that IF the glute areas are tight and shooting PAIN that it also refers pain into the lumbar area of your spine? This is why you feel that killing pain in your back!  Once the glute areas are addressed the muscles release and the PAIN from back and back are GONE ! Whew RELIEF! NOW who doesn't want that ??? 🤔

You need to be specific when you talk to.a massage therapist and point blank ask them... Will you massage my glutes? I have pain here and here and here.. point to the areas!  If a Massafe therapist refuses to work out those areas LEAVE!  Find a proper Massage Therapist who will! I guarantee you that we are out there and you won't regret it! DON'T walk away again being disappointed!  I know the feeling.. been there too!😯

Here's hoping you find a Great MASSAGE therapist to massage your glutes! No pun intended just REAL talk from the Massage Table! 😄


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