Do You Know What Muscle " Knots " Are?

HAVE you ever had muscle knots in your body? They can be located in your neck or back.  They are tight fibers in your muscles that are unable to release. They are tender and painful. This pesky little nodules cause decreased blood flow to the areas. So lack of oxygen happens and build up of waste products. Sounds disgusting I know! 😣 NO wonder the pain doesn't go away by itself! 

Muscle knots cause Pain! Tightness!  And Tenderness! Seems they are commonly caused by STRESS! Are you stressed out? Emotional stress is the BIG one ! Did you know by exercising regularly you can combat the stress? These knotted things can be caused by sitting hours at a desk. Maybe you are overworking your muscles in the gym? Guys you know you do! 🏋️‍♂️

Now since you got these muscle knots how are you going to get rid of them? I'll tell you that Massage Therapy has got to be the most effective way . A trained Massage Therapist will get to the root of your knots. Massage definitely makes a world of difference!  A licensed Massage Therapist will work on your trigger point areas. They will apply firm pressure to the knotted areas. It can take several minutes to release the knots. It obviously won't be the most pleasant  experience.  You will feel pain until the  knot is released.

Also are you drinking enough water? If your NOT then your muscles will be dehydrated causing you knots and spasms... So people drink your water!  Stay hydrated daily!  Oh by the way coffee, tea and alcohol DON'T  count! They are diuretics. So in closing people drink your water, exercise and  get regular massages! 😁


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