A Robotic Chair Massage versus Human Touch

So you are probably wondering what is the best solution right ?! Massage chairs were becoming more and more popular. When massage chairs first came out they were typically only seen in nail salons, malls, and other retail shops. Now massage chairs can be  purchased at many retail  stores or online.  But can technology really replace a humans’ touch? Can a machine really provide the same holistic healing that a trained Licensed  massage therapist can?
In my personal opinion  " NO!"  😐

So massage chairs now-a-days have many different settings and choices. The remote allows each person to select what they feel they need. Whether someone is suffering from lower back pain or neck pain, they can choose the area of focus or choose a “full body.” If someone prefers a stronger kneading or a lighter rolling they can select that as well. But even with the customized settings not everyone can gets what they need. Are you ok for substituting a fake robotic massage? 🤔

One reason a massage chair cannot compare to a human massage is the healing power of touch. Many people who suffer from anxiety or depression find massage to be very therapeutic and comforting. This is because the energy flow from one person to another can be felt on an emotional level; a machine can’t provide the same feelings that a human can because a machine has no feelings. Also, sometimes where pain is being felt in the body is not where the true problem is. A massage therapist can identify where the real problem area is on the body and work  it out.  A  machine  on the other hand can only work on the areas that have been selected on the remote. See a problem here?  😯

Again another issue with massage chairs is they can’t always provide the pressure needed or desired. Someone who is looking for a very firm deep tissue massage isn’t going to receive the same firm pressure they can get from a  " REAL " massage therapist. The same goes for someone looking for a light relaxation massage. With a massage chair there is also not typically an option to have a firm pressure in one area and a light pressure in another. With a massage therapist, pressure can be communicated throughout the entire massage making it much easier to really relax and get comfortable. How do you communicate with a chair? You can't!  🤤

Although there are many new massage chairs on the market being made to mimic a human’s touch, it will never fully compare. Some of the top of the line machines can provide some physical healing effects but can be very pricey and will never provide the “emotional” healing a human can. This is because the transfer of energy from one person to another is truly unparalleled. This is not to say that massage chairs are not enjoyable, they just can’t truly provide the full holistic healing that a trained massage therapist can. Are you willing to sacrifice?

Ok you decide!  I suggest trying both!  I personally stick with a licensed massage therapist as there is NO comparison when you need therapeutic touch and healing.  A massage chair WON'T provide you with that ! You get what you pay for.  YES it is cheaper to get a robotic chair massage but aren't you worth the REAL DEAL??? Human touch is nurturing and loving.... is that chair your sitting on? 😉


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