A Male Or Female Massage Therapist?

What is your preference when  it comes to a Professional Massage Therapist? Most women prefer female therapists.  They don't want male therapists gawking at their body while they are on the table. With male therapists there have been too many that are  assaulting women in business lately. You see different stories all the time on the news and online . This really makes it bad for the male massage therapists who are good at their skill.  Most women I have talked over the years have chosen female therapists.  They say it makes them more comfortable and at ease. It makes the massage enjoyable and they relax more. Did you know that 86% of Licensed or Registered Massage therapists in the US are female? 🤔

More and more people all around the world are catching onto massage and it's wide variety  of benefits.  After all who doesn't love a Good Massage right?! 😁

When I talked to many men over the years they told me they prefer female over male. They say they don't want a strange male touching them. Really, only gay men clients ask for male ... but there of course is some who will require a male because of strength and deeper massage.

Really when it comes down to it most times men are stronger than women giving massages.  Of course there's always the exception to the rule. There  are  many women out there that work out and are strong to give a good Massage. But again not all women are created equal.  😊

It's up to you ! When it boils down to it you have to feel comfortable with your therapist.  Ask how many years they have been licensed.  The more years the better. They have learned more techniques and are able to give you the best massage possible.  Yes that's my personal opinion but I have gone in places like a secret shopper. I investigate my competition to see what I'm up against. Most places I have been to have only female therapists and the odd place one male. It's true BUT sad! I have a male therapist friend who is great at massage!  In order to survive he holds three jobs down. He said IF he was female he would have it made. 

Well it's YOUR massage YOUR choice!  😁


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