The Wonders Of Touch

You have a problem... a knot , a pain, excruciating tightness in areas ... so now you lay on a massage table. You want to ditch this pain and the tension so you finally give into a massage. Now what? Your mind is racing and as the Massage therapist touches you then you start talking blurting out personal stuff. Things like your having an affair, your getting a divorce, your kid is on drugs, etc... you get the gist.  So your lying on the table for an hour , 90 minutes or two hours and without realizing it you need an emotional release.  You somehow got connected with your massage therapist and you just talk. You tell him or her things you normally wouldn't tell someone else.  I get it you are in a state that you are connected through Massage and it takes you to another level you haven't ever experienced.  As a massage therapists we connect with mind, body and spirit  however we are NOT trained psychiatrists to give you advice. I can sympathize with you but I can't give you the answers to your questions. It's in your best interest to seek out a Professional who is.

Massage is loving and nurturing.  It takes you into a whole new world.  It's healing. Massage is meant to talk about things related to massage. People view massage therapists like a hairdresser or a bartender.  They just unload like we are their personal therapist.  I suppose they get real comfortable with us at a point that they just reveal things they need to. Sometimes it's healing for people to just let go and say what's on their mind and it's ok . We are here to help you and not judge you. But please DON'T get offended with us when we tell you that we can't give you the solutions to your problems.  We are here to massage you through touch .

Relax take a deep breath and ENJOY your massage! 


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