Massage Talk With Melissa

Ok so I'm pondering some things I have come across in my massage career. I thought it would be valuable to share it with you  .☺

Your massage is your own so of course we as Licensed Massage Therapists want you to have a good experience! Getting a massage from someone you don't know can make you feel vulnerable. A natural relationship of trust will form between you and your therapist. After all you are naked under a sheet being touched by a stranger .. it can make you feel awkward the first time or two.  It's important to establish an open dialogue with your Massage Therapist.  If you feel uncomfortable or the pressure is not right or too much... SPEAK UP! We won't hold this against you. It's your choice if you want to talk or not . I highly suggest you keep it light if you do. It's your time for you! Talking too much can help you not RELAX to your fullest compacity possible. You pay good money to get out of pain , and possibly stress right?! So try to be as quiet as possible and enjoy your Massage EXPERIENCE!

On another note PLEASE DON'T ASK YOUR THERAPISTS FOR A DATE!!  🤤 We are not flattered IF you find us attractive! Oh my goodness if I had a quarter every time a guy hit on me or got perverted.. I digress! 😥

Your massage therapist is there to help, and it’s completely inappropriate to flirt, touch them back, hold their hand, ask for dates, or try to initiate a romantic relationship with them. By the same token, your massage therapist has no business making romantic or sexual advances of any kind. This definitely is grounds for termination in your Massage session . If you have any romantic feelings or sexual feelings then stop seeing your Massage Therapist.  We are NOT interested PERIOD! Nothing more to discuss! This makes the situation awkward for your Massage person if you make advances.  It's very uncomfortable so PLEASE STOP! It's in the best interest that you find a new Massage Therapist for your future massages.  This is a professional relationship only! Thankyou! ☺


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