Massage For Whiplash?

Have you been in a car accident and have whiplash? Whiplash happens when you are typically struck by another vehicle in a collision. The sudden impact of another vehicle causes a sudden jerking of your head in different directions. This results in partial tearing of the muscle tissue. 🤤

The next day you experience excruciating PAIN in the neck and shoulder area. It Will  be very tender for sure. You probably even feel lower back pain. The muscle  areas are inflamed and tight also. It's common for some serious tightness and tension to set in. You feel probably feel a tightness in the neck area and loss of range of motion as well. This can make it very uncomfortable for you!! 😕

Did you know that MASSAGE  is the most effective treatment to help? It will break up and realign the scar tissue . It relaxes the tight areas and releases the tension. It definitely increases your range of motion. A massage once a week for 8 to 12 weeks potentially should provide you with nearly 100% of recovery.  Of course please see a doctor first and get clearance to get massages after your accident.  Typically a doctor may tell you to wait 72 to 96 hours after impact.

So if you have whiplash seek out a professional licensed massage therapist who can help you out of pain! 💆‍♂️💆‍♀️


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