Is Sugar Addictive?

You bet your sweet tooth it Is! Can you believe sugar is lurking in almost everything you eat?! 😲  It's hiding in those "Healthy " cereals , salad dressings and in any container or package labeled "Fat free!"  You probably didn't even know it did you? 😞

The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture says the average American consumes 142 pounds of added sugar per year. Worse, all this sugar has been linked to serious conditions like obesity, type 2 diabetes, digestive issues, and even heart disease. So how's that sugar working out for you now that you know?!

Sugar is a serious addiction like cocaine.  It's killing you!! People wake up!!! All and I do mean ALL PROCESSED FOODS are loaded with sugar! Did you know that approximately 75% of all processed and crap food contain sugar ???  Sugar gives you an intoxicating high THAT keeps you craving MORE and MORE! It's a vicious cycle to say the least! Sugar should be labeled as a drug!! It's very toxic to your body !! It's doing nothing good for you!! It's putting all the pounds on you!! And people wonder why Americans are so fat! It's THE SUGAR and all that processed food you are eating daily... 😠

You need to detox your body and break the addiction NOW!! First, the bad news: You may be addicted to sugar. But, the good news is that it’s a relatively easy addiction to break. First avoid Processed foods!! Drink More water!  I personally drink 1.5 to 2 liters of Fuji water with an organic lemon squeezed in daily.   Get on a plant- based diet.  It may be difficult the first few days... headaches from hell.. your moody etc.  It's probably best to stay home and a way from people the first few days if you can. I'm just saying the truth 😂... you will NOT be fun to be around.  Your body definitely WILL go through withdrawals and you will be a crazy person ! I know I was there too! I feel your PAIN BUT know you are not alone.  You need to get healthy and feeling great naturally so start today! I encourage you to get on a better path of health... without the sugar! 😁


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