Holiday Stress?

It's the holidays and we are all so crazy busy... and therefore STRESS ... that ugly 6 letter word creeps in. What do you do about it? How do you handle it? Some people pray. Some people mediate.  Some people workout. Some people drink! 🍷 And the smart people get a M A S S A G E ! 💆‍♂️💆‍♀️

Do you know ALL the benefits a massage can provide you with especially when you are stressed during the holidays??? Google it ! This is the season for giving right?! I'm sure you are wrapping presents and buying things for people? You are helping other people's wishes COME true BUT WHAT ABOUT YOU ? Give yourself the gift of massage! I'm willing to bet you even bought a gift certificate or two for other people on your shopping list? 🎁

Baby it's cold out and you are busy with Christmas and family.  Cooking, cleaning, organizing and WHAT ABOUT YOU ? Wouldn't it be GREAT to have 60 mins ? 90 mins or longer for a nice relaxing massage? 😁

Aren't you tired and worn out yet from ALL the hustle and bustle of Christmas? I know I am! I just want to be on a beach somewhere warm getting a massage!! How cool would that be ? I know RIGHT?! 🤔 Well of course there's NO beach or warmth right now in Nashville BUT we do have mobile massage! Maybe you have a fireplace? Get a massage by there ... now that would be nice ! 👌


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