Here Is A Disturbing Article Of What's In Some Of Your Favorite Food

Okkkkkk! So I was reading this article and am thoroughly disgusted WHAT is in some foods! I have studied alot about the food industry over the years and that's why I switched to a plant based diet! I mean PEOPLE SERIOUSLY do you KNOW WHAT you are eating? Do you care? I'm going to enlighten you and then I leave a link to this article.. Ok? Ok! 😊

Here we go... what do you think is in that  shredded  cheese you are eating?  You KNOW the one you add to salads  or  melt  in a sandwich  or however  you do....  GUESS? Refined wood pulp!!! They hide it in the ingredient list calling it " Cellulose . " How's those wood chips tasting for ya ? 🤤

What's in those steaks you are eating? I don't even want to know ! Gross! Ok remember OREO cookies? Who didnt love them growing up as a kid RIGHT?! Hmmmm...what SICK thing is lurking in them? I'll tell you... Crisco! That highly processed GMO ( Genetically  Modified Organism )  is killing you! I guess dipping the OREOS in milk doesn't seem so  tasty now ?! ☠😩

How about that bread you love so much? Do you know how it's stuck together?  DUCK FEATHERS! Yep seriously it's hidden in the ingredient list under " L-cysteine ."  Really disgusting!!! I'm sick just thinking about it!!! 😠

How about that chocolate you ❤ Sooo much? Or figs? I'll just let you read this article for yourself! 😕

After you read it please tell me how it makes you feel! I just DON'T  understand how no one stops this! How can the government get away with feeding people this crap? I'm sick of it so I'm sounding the alarm! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! 🤔🤤😫  STOP SLEEPING! 😴😴😴


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