Heat or Ice After An Injury?

Do you have an Injury? Is it a new one or old one ? Are you NOT sure if heat or Ice can help it? First it's always good to get a professional opinion from a doctor.  As licensed Massage Therapists we can't evaluate your problem.  Of course we want to help you the best way we can through Massage. 

So heat therapy can help with chronic pain. Know that sore back you have? Sit in a hotub or whirlpool for 15 mins  + ...  Or put a heating pad on it. Don't put in on for hours.. .. too long causes the already inflammation you have to increase. This in turn causes you more PAIN. If this is a new injury please seek out the doctor's medical opinion first. I highly suggest this before you seek out a Massage Therapist.  If you have diabetes or vascular disease DON'T use heat ! 🔥

Ice is used  mainly in the first 48 hours after an injury. So if you have joint or muscle sprains  then ice can be your best friend.  The ice reduces that inflammation , swelling and minor PAIN you may be having.  Putting ice on for 20 minute intervals after every hour in between usually helps.💧  Of course everything depends on the severity of your injury. A doctor can guide you the best route to take.

It's best to ask the doctor how long before you can  have a massage after your injury. Sometimes it's contraindicated meaning we can't touch you or massage you until we get a doctors clearance.  It's always best to get a note from your doctor for your Massage Therapist.  It's for your own protection as well as ours. It's never nothing personal.  We are educated as Massage Therapists on when we can massage clients and when we can't.  I even had a lady one time get out of the hospital the same day and demand a massage.  I told her I needed to discuss it with her doctor first.  She was very upset with me. I made the best call on what I was educated on. I nor any other professional Massage Therapist will break that rule.  So please DON'T try it.  😥

Of course depending on the injury you might need a combination of heat and ice. A doctor Will determine THAT for you. 👨‍🍳


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