3 Days Till Christmas!

Wow hard to believe that we are 3 days away from Christmas! Who's excited? Has Christmas lost its flair for you? I don't know BUT Christmas just doesn't seem the same to me anymore.  I grew up in Canada as a child. We had so much fun before and after Christmas.  I miss the snowfalls, snow skiing after the fresh powder snow arrived.  Drinking hot chocolate around the fireplace after skiing all day.  The sleigh rides , riding on bales of hay , being pulled by horses. Wrapped up snuggly in big blankets and hugging our friends while we shivered in the cold.  Our noses and cheeks cold , red and rosy! Oh my what a sight! We would sing Christmas Carols and laugh so hard! Times seemed so much easier and happy then! 🤣

Oh how I miss living in Canada! It was so much FUN with all our family, relatives and friends! We cherished memories and times spent together! Just get togethers at different people's houses was always a delight! So much excitement and laughter! 😆

Why is it so different now? I guess as we grow older things change.  Of course we celebrate Jesus and his birth... even though we know he wasn't born on Christmas day. I just LOVE watching the excitement on kids faces at Christmas! It's like I'm seeing Christmas through a child's eyes once again.  It just seems magical! Who doesn't love all the lights and the different light displays around town and in people's yards? 🎄❤

I'm just walking down memory lane .... what makes Christmas so special for you? What are your memories? This is just such a special time of the year... from my family to yours " MERRY CHRISTMAS! " GOD BLESS YOU ALL! 🙌🔥❤


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