Why Is Obesity on the Rise?

There is too much obesity in our country today!! Why is That? People are now more stressed then ever!! On the job stress, family stress and WHAT do they do about it? They Binge Eat !! Call it over emotional eating but it's skyrocketing at alarming rates!! People eat too much processed and junk foods when they are stressed! All that garbage food is packing the pounds on! I don't know about you BUT that's frightening to me! 🤤

People don't want to go to the gym. They always procrastinate..I don't have time! Listen your body was designed for moving! Did you know that 30 mins of walking everyday outside is more beneficial then being a couch potato? Yes it Is! 😁

I found this article to share with you to prove what's happening today! PEOPLE it's NO joke! Wake up and DO something about it NOW!!


Emotional eating is never just about food. It's about the needs you have that food is helping you fill. One of those key needs is getting regular massages! 💆‍♀️💆‍♂️

Massage helps you fill your need for safety, comfort, love, and touch that you often use food to fill. What better way to take charge of your own care and needs than by giving yourself the gift of massage?


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