Some Questions about Mobile Massage

Hi everyone, I'm just putting some information below to answer some queries I received in the past on the phone .If anyone has any questions  please feel free to get in touch! 😉

Where are you based ?

So we are Mobile therapists offering massages in the comforts of your own home , office or hotel. This enables you, the client  to get the absolute most out of your massage  treatment. However we DON'T have a physical location. ... hence why we are called Mobile Massage service.  It's amazing to me all the calls I have had asking where we are located? Lol...  🏠💆😁😴

What times do you offer?

Totally flexible times available to suit you and your lifestyle. So  whether it's as a nightshift worker wanting 8am appointment or you have kids that  don't sleep until 9pm. Maybe you are coming in on the red eye flight and need a massage right after.... our latest appointment is 10pm. We work any day/night of the week. Weekends and evenings are busiest. 😴😴💆

Who is Massage For?

Massage is great for everyone, all ages and body types. It encourages relaxation, time out from life's stresses, and a deeper more restorative sleep. We consult with each client regarding health/ailments/medication and see if massage would be contraindicated on  any condition before we start. We will also ask you  about allergies, lifestyle and what the aim is from receiving massage. We will also discuss future massages after your initial one.

We Will also ask if there is anywhere on the body not to be touched, some people dislike feet, knees, elbows, hands etc to be massaged and that's totally ok, everyone is unique. We won't judge you.

What is your routine For Massage?

We don't have a specific routine set for our  massages but instead work with what we feel  is the best massage protocol for our clients. We can tailor the massages to suit you...if you want an hour spent on your back that is your priority or back and feet, or back and arms .... all your choice!

How to get started?

Our table fits in the smallest of spaces, sometimes we only have to access to the body from one side but clients still enjoys full treatment. All we need from you is a place to wash our hands before and after your massage which gives you time to hop up on my massage table and again when finished you have time and privacy to get dressed.

Advice After A Massage?

Aftercare advice is given which is usually to hydrate well and be gentle with self for rest of the day or evening, allowing your body and mind to enjoy the effects of your mobile  massage.  Maybe some exercises so the massage will keep you loose longer.  Of course this goes on a case to case basis.

Ok any other questions? Just call! 😊


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