Promote Healthier Happier Staff Through Massage

Ok its that time of the year again! Christmas!!  It's around the corner people! What can you do to thank your staff? You know the people at your company who work hard for you all year long? The people you depend on to keep things going. How about showing them YOUR appreciation by getting them massages? People love massages! 😊

Did you know that your employees would work focus MORE on their jobs if you the employer would treat them to a massage? How about incorporating regular massage sessions into your company? Your employees morale will  skyrocket.  Their focus and mental clarity will go through the roof!! They will be less stressed and perform better on their jobs PERIOD! So many studies out there prove this! Your employees won't be distracted more BUT more focused on their job duties at hand.  More companies today are seeing this as a win win situation.  They do regular chair massages or gift their employees a massage once or twice a month. Wouldn't you the employer like MORE job productivity  from your employees? Well OF  course you would!! 👏💆‍♀️💆‍♂️

So in conclusion I highly recommend thanking your employees for a job well done! Be the employer who truly cares about their employees. I personally think you should  treat your employees as family and give them extra perks.  This way you will have employees who will stick with you for years! They will be more than willing to go the extra mile for YOU!! So buy your employees gift certificates for massages or office massage! I guarantee you they will thank and appreciate YOU! 😁


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