Massage Talk With Melissa

To talk or not to talk during your massage session? As a licensed massage therapist I want people to truly enjoy their Massage experience.  I feel that you pay good money to Relax or Get out of pain right?! There's nothing worse than a " Chatty Cathy " while you are getting a massage! I will ask clients questions before and tell them if it hurts during a massage please tell me. Sometimes verbal dialogue is necessary during a massageBUT there's always time to for it to be quiet.  Clients pay good money to Relax and not hear a massage therapist's mouth rattle on  for 60, 90 , or 2 hours.  Yes believe it or not I have heard many clients tell me how some Massage therapists won't " Shutup" during their massage session.  😫 OK voice your opinion ... afterall it's YOUR time!

Listen people it's time and it's valuable and ALL about YOU! Express your thoughts to your massage therapist if this is an ongoing problem.  We as licensed massage therapists are here to listen and help you get the best massage possible!! Of course we are NOT professional counselors! That is beyond our scope of practice! I will NOT take offense if you say you don't want to talk. I feel it's in your best interest to say what's on your mind... so speak it! Like I said initial questions are asked before your massage session and maybe after your done.  In between should be quiet time unless pain shows up...  Ok ENJOY your massage !

If there's something you want me to blog about please tell me... I'm always open to ideas 😊


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