HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE! May God Bless each and everyone this holiday.  What are you thankful for? Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and friends and be greatful for ALL the BLESSINGS in your life ! ❤

It's a time to reflect on God's  goodness in our lives!! Sure we cherish ALL the food.. the turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy , pumpkin pie and a whole lot of other stuff. There's football games and Thanksgiving parades to enjoy! Ahh THANKSGIVING is a wonderful time to express appreciation to our loved ones and friends!! But Thanksgiving shouldn't be the only day we give thanks!! We should give thanks daily .... thanking God for all that we have. He woke you up THIS morning PRAISE him! Somebody didn't wake up! 😫

I'm grateful for wonderful family and friends!! I cherish every moment.  I'm thankful that I live because HE lives! I have nothing but LOVE and appreciation to every one of you!! Hug your family and friends this Thanksgiving! Tell them how much you appreciate them in your life! Reach  out to a stranger and show some LOVE!! ❤❤❤



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