Good Reasons To Avoid Spa Massages

Soo you think having a massage at the spa is better? I know you can practically find a massage anywhere in the Nashville area. The problem is most spas have an assembly line approach with the clock ticking! I don't know about you BUT WHAT EVER happened to the 60 minute massage actually being 60 minutes from the time you get on the table? By the time you do all the paperwork, get undressed, and on the table you actually get 40 to 45 minutes now! Talk about unfair RIGHT?! 🤔 To me that's unacceptable! I believe in treating All my clients with respect and dignity! You pay for 60 minutes YOU get the FULL 60 minutes! You pay for 90 minutes YOU get the FULL 90 minutes! You pay for 2 hours you get the FULL 2 hours PERIOD!


Now you can find the odd massage therapist working at a spa that gives a good massage.. problem is they disappear through a revolving door just as quickly! Why is that? Frustrating to say the least!! 😣

To top all of this of there's our crazy Nashville traffic! In the past year people have been moving here like crazy... I still don't know why! I think we need signs on the outskirts of Nashville saying , " Sorry we are filled to capacity with people move elsewhere!" Lol seriously the traffic is becoming a nightmare ALL day long! Yes constant rush hour! 😥
So after your massage you have to fight traffic to get home ... stressed out again? Yeah pretty much Right?! So NOW the massage affects are gone! NOW it doesn't feel like you just got a massage does it? 😠

Well finally there's a solution for YOU! 😉

At Nashville Massage Company WE bring the table and #Relaxation to you!

So are you ready to pick up the phone and have a truly satisfying massage delivered to your door? ☎️💆‍♀️💆‍♂️


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