What Is A Massage Therapist Thinking?

I have had many clients ask me these questions over the years. Soo I'm going to break it down for you . You called me for a massage because A you are in pain.  B.  You are stressed out or C . You just want relaxation and a massage feels good!! So one thing I always insist is that you have a shower before your massage.  There's nothing worse  than a person with body odor. They want their butts massaged which is not a problem but we don't want to smell anything.  I had a client I went to one time who ran a marathon and was sweating still.. yea I know not pleasant! 😲 I'm thinking Wow REALLY? I insisted he have a shower or I wasn't going to do the massage.. RIGHT?! No one wants to smell any funk.. I'm just being real!! Please people for the Love of God ... shower before your massage! It helps you relax and it's better for me ! Thankyou!

Ok so getting a massage just RELAX, LIE DOWN... sounds fairly simple right?! We don't want to hear no moaning or grunting from you unless you are in pain! Speak up! Men seriously we are not impressed by this. It makes it very uncomfortable for us as Massage therapists. Also if you got to pee tell us... don't hold it in. This makes your massage uncomfortable for you! I can't believe the many people who do this.

Ok so people this is SO VERY IMPORTANT! Communicate with us! If the pressure is too deep SPEAK UP! Are you cold? SPEAK UP! Any questions just ask! We are NOT here to judge you BUT help you through a good massage! I'm not concerned about your hairy legs... seriously I'll just pour more lotion on. Ladies stop apologising! It's amazing to me that women remember to shave their legs before a pedicure but forget when it comes to a massage.. no worries! As massage therapists in the field we want to give you the best massage possible BUT we are not psychics. Please voice your opinions as we are not going to get upset.  This helps us help You! Ok? Enjoy your Massage! 💆‍♂️💆‍♀️


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