Questions A Massage Therapist should Ask You

Before you get a massage a good licensed massage therapist will ask you some questions. It's important to know how we can help you. Please  give us details and don't leave things out.    Massage can be a very personal experience for you. We Want You To Be as comfortable as possible.  In order for you to get the desired massage you want we need to ask you questions! We are listening to your every word.  👂

Please don't leave things out. By the way , yeah you forgot to tell us what kind of meds you are on, you been drinking, or just had surgery the other day.  It's VERY important that we know. It makes us determine whether you are suitable for massage or not. There is times we can't massage you based on what you tell us. It's nothing personal.  We are professional massage therapists and just want the best for you! 😊

Why do you need to get a massage? Are you in pain? Where? How did it happen? Sometimes we need a doctor's note for clearance. We strive to give you the best massage possible so please ask Questions!

We are not here to judge you BUT help you! We are in the healthcare field just as doctor's and nurse's.  We care about how we can better help you. We take our massage business seriously!

Again ASK QUESTIONS! We are not magicians and know what's going on in your body.  You Are the one living in it so please communicate all your concerns to us.



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