Now This Can Be The Reason For Your Back Pain

Do you lie or sit in bed watching tv? Or check emails on your cell phones or laptops? When you do this in bed you tend to slouch and your eyes are looking downward. This absolutely is NOT good for your posture!

By doing this you are NOT supporting your head or spine properly. This also creates alot of strain on the muscles in your neck.

Do you find that you have to keep changing positions in bed with your devices because you are uncomfortable? This is your body warning you that it's NOT comfortable!

Not only is this painful but it's going to give you serious neck and back pain issues overtime. Poor postures creates havoc in your neck and back overtime.  You probably don't think about this until it happens to you.

To avoid all this unnecessary pain try sitting upright with pillows behind your head. Keep your shoulders upright and not crouched over. Try getting up and walking around and stretching for a few minutes.  Roll your head around in circular motions and side to side . Shoulder shrugs are good too!

If you don't take the necessary precautions then you will be seeing me for a massage to unlock all the pain ! Massage absolutely will help you release all the tightness and pain! So now do YOU think this is why you have your back pain?


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